Brad Friedel doesn’t think that Gareth Bale’s exit this summer has weakened Tottenham Hotspur.
Tottenham sold Bale to Real Madrid during the pre-season transfer window at a record transfer fee of 85.3 million Pounds.

This is believed to be a huge blow for the Spurs as Bale had performed brilliantly for them last season. But, Friedel’s opinions are a bit different. According to him, rather than getting weakened, Tottenham has actually been strengthened after Bale’s exit.

The 42 years old American goalie thinks that the money that Tottenham has got by selling Bale has been used fantastically well by Andre Villas-Boas and the board.
Talking to the reporters yesterday, Friedel said.

“Normally when you lose somebody like Gareth, it affects your squad adversely. But, that hasn’t been the case here at Tottenham. We have actually got stronger and all credit goes to the manager. He has converted that negative into positive.”

Tottenham has made quite a few signings this summer. Some big names have arrived at the club including the Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen and the Brazilian sensation Paulinho.

Eriksen has been particularly impressive. He has caught the eye of everyone.

Friedel also praised the 21 years old Denmark international for creating a significant impact since his arrival at the club. The American veteran said, “Christian is one of the most talented young players going around. He has been brilliant so far. He is certainly the right man to be No. 10.”

The way Tottenham has played in the ongoing season; it certainly doesn’t seem that they are missing Bale that much. Andre Villas Boas’ team has been consistent so far and has won 4 out of their first 5 league games. They are currently at no. 2 in the points table.