Jurgen Klinsmann reckons national anthem can’t be imposed on anyone and if a guy, who is representing the Yanks, but, is not born and brought up in the United States, does not want to mouth it, he will not pressurize him for it.

As per Klinsmann, there are some countries where if a national Footballer does not mouth the anthem, it becomes big news and makes the headlines of the newspapers the next morning. People see it as a sign of lack of commitment.

But, he personally is never bothered whether each one of his boys is voicing the words of the anthem or not because he understands that someone might have his roots from a different country and might have acquired the citizenship of America only lately. So, he might not be that comfortable singing.

On asked about his personal opinion on the anthem of the States, Klinsmann said, “Well to be frank, I have not heard an anthem which is as good as the one of US and I would not mind saying that in Germany either. In fact, I already said that in an interview in Germany some time ago.”

“You will see me mouth the US anthem at every possible opportunity and I am yet to be a US citizen. But, I do it because I have a liking towards it. However, one can’t be punished if he refuses to do it. It should not be mandatory.”

Actually, this whole row started in US the previous month when Colin Kaepernick, a Gridiron player, did not leave his seat when the anthem was played ahead of a match showing his dissent against the discrimination carried out in the country against those who have African ancestry and dark skin.