Brad Friedel has said that he would love to become a coach once his playing days are over.

Friedel is one of the oldest players going around in the professional football arena at the moment. He is in his forties and is still quite fit. He is no longer in favour at Tottenham though and he is definitely not too far away from playing his last professional match, but, it seems his love for the game would keep him associated with it even after the retirement.

Friedel’s interest in coaching is not new. He has already been doing the A-Licence coaching course and is very close to completing it.

A sports website interviewed the veteran American a couple of days back. In that interview, he was asked about the possibility of him becoming a coach after hanging his boots and this is what he had to say, “I have a lot of interest in it and that’s why I started doing the A-Licence course. I would be finishing it too pretty soon.”

“Coaching is not all about the game knowledge. Most of us possess that particularly the players, but, not everyone becomes coach. It’s about how you impart your knowledge to the youngsters.”

When asked if appointing somebody young as manager is a big risk for the clubs, Friedel said, “Look, the risk is associated with everyone. I have worked with the young as well as the aged managers and I have felt that you don’t need to get old to become a good manager. You can be young and can still have great managerial qualities.”

Friedel has been playing in England since the last 17 years and has represented quite a few clubs in that period, but, his longest tenure was at Blackburn Rovers.